Ranks and Departments

Art is by Claudio Martin Condenanza Marrapodi (CMCondenanzaM)


Within The Lamplighters, every rank is intended to have its own purpose, and for it to reinforce the feeling that you’re developing and growing your character’s skills over time. Good deeds and treasure aren’t the only rewards for adventuring after all!

Something to note however is that everyone is on equal footing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Circle Member or an Associate, if your ideas are solid, you will be listened to and treated with the same respect. Nobody can pull rank on any other Agent IC’ly and everyone’s worth is based on their merits, not their title.

Here is a rundown, starting from the first rank working upwards, of the ranks and their purpose within the guild.


An Associate is the first step inside the guild itself, where you are linked with The Lamplighters as an organisation. This is primarily your taster of what we can offer you, and what you can offer to us. At this point, you’ll come along on missions,  meet the other Agents and experience what the life of a Lamplighter is like.

This is also the rank where most Alts will sit at, unless you are a dedicated player and spend a good proportion of your time playing your Alt also.

The Associate is all around settling in, meeting and making friends and establishing yourself as part of the group. After a few adventures with us, you’ll progress to…


Here is where you become a full member and receive the extra benefits that come with it. You’ll uncover the deeper mysteries behind the Lamplighters and be made privy to the secrets Associates do not get to know.

What’s more, at this rank you will now be able to have us embark on adventures of your own creation if you so desire. Do you have a story you have been itching to tell but have never had the opportunity or avenue to do so? With the guidance of a Circle Member, this may be your chance!

Beyond the rank of Agent, your progression has three different options for you to choose from in the form of the Departments. Each Department has access to special bonuses which reflect your characters skills and ensure your talents are demonstrated in events and adventures.

The Keepers:

“Hard work and mastery of yourself is the way to achieve success. When others give up, we get back up”.

Guardians, spell-slingers and battle-hardened veterans. Keepers are Masters of Combat. The Keepers excel above all other Departments in being able to overpower and overcome any enemy that stands in their way. They strive for peak physical condition and mastery of their own bodies’ capabilities.

If you join this Department, you will become to critical failure’s in combat encounters. If you roll a 1 in an event, you will simply roll again. In addition, you will roll twice in all combat encounters and always take the higher number.

The Seekers:

“Knowledge is enlightening. Information is liberating. Understanding the world we inhabit is the very definition of progress”.

Powerful minds, skillful innovators and eccentric geniuses, the Seekers strive to be Masters of Knowledge. The Seekers are clever puzzle-solvers and hunt for the hidden secrets across the world, and forgotten knowledge of ages since past. Each Seeker in their turn has contributed to their finest collection, one of the largest archives in Dalaran: The Seeker’s Library.

If you join this Department, you will be entrusted with a relic or a piece of technology from the Armoury to use out in the field. This item will be able to be used for any event or adventure you attend, and its effect could range from talking to animals to the power of flight.

After all, as a grey haired wizard is fond of saying, knowledge is power.

The Emissaries:

“The power to influence people is one of the greatest powers of them all. For what great ruler was ever lifted on high without a thousand people to hold them there?”

Silver tongued persuaders, schmoozing bards, magnetic mediators and spies able to weave the most complex of lies, the Emissaries are regarded as the Masters of People. They thrive in social situations and believe that with the right word in the correct ear, mountains can be moved, friendships may be forged and wars may be averted.

If you join this Department, you will no longer suffer a critical failure in a social situation. No longer will a social faux pas cripple you, for if you roll a 1, you will always roll again. Moreover, in all social encounters you will roll twice and always take the higher number.

The Circle:

Functioning as a link between the Agents and Control, the four Circle Members have been chosen to manage the day-to-day operations of the Lamplighters. They are the faces the others see on a regular basis while Control remains stationed in the Seekers Library in Dalaran. They help manage the adventures, settle disputes between Agents and act as servants and advisors to the rest of the guild. However, the final decisions on matters always comes from the very top.


The founder, administrator and leader of The Lamplighters, Control is the friendly voice on the end of the Lanterns, and the person who started it all.

Located in the Seeker’s Library in Dalaran, Control handles everything behind the scenes so their Agents spend more time in the field on adventures than back in the Library dealing with paperwork. Finances, the hiring of retainers, mission reports, maintaining the Armoury and ensuring that all Agents are properly supplied and supported at all times.

Today, Control leads The Lamplighters against the many threats that are moving against Azeroth. They are tireless and ever optimistic, and just a little bit snarky.