Who are the Lamplighters?

The Lamplighters, also commonly known as, “those bloody impertinent bastards” are an adventuring guild of troubleshooters, knowledge seekers and problem solvers operating across the world of Azeroth. Led by a figure known only as “Control”, they undertake almost any task, assignment or adventure in order to help those in need. Their skill range is varied, their tenacity is inspiring and their gadgets are reliab…are really usef…well they’re very shiny.  Let’s leave it at that.

Originally founded at the tail-end of the Troll Wars by four men in a field, the guild was known for daring raids into Troll territory, smuggling messages across the wilderness to Silvermoon and perhaps most famously and true to their name, keeping the lamps lit along the roadside ahead of the army in order to prevent ambush by the enemy. They continued to help after the war’s end, and Dwarves, Gnomes and Elves also took up the symbol of the Compass.

Though they died out some time before the coming of Blackhand’s Orcish Horde, recently someone has brought them back to life. A mysterious philanthropist known as “Control” dedicated their time and resources to restoring the guild during the Iron Horde incursion.

Along with four hand-picked Circle Members to act as administrators, a magical library in the streets of Dalaran and a boat-load of relics and technology to (sometimes) give them an edge, Control and the current Lamplighters seek to live up to the achievements of the past, and to be heroes and adventurers across the world yet again.

They have ridden dinosaurs in Un’Goro Crater. They have shot down a demonic dreadnaught over the skies of Northrend. They have even managed to kill a powerful immortal, though we’re still a little sticky on the details of how on that one.

All of these things that have actually happened and more in the ongoing madness that is The Lamplighters.

Adventure Awaits!