Event: The Trouble With Druids

Once more, word has reached the Lamplighters from Old man Marcus in the Western Plaguelands. The druid  suspected of tampering with the local badger population has resurfaced… And Marcus shot him, though he was quick to mention it was only through the arm. The druid took off and Marcus took up the chase.

Our adventures met up with Old Marcus in the Alterac Mountains, to where he had tracked the druid. They found the man resting against an old cart, where his iron will had at long last been crushed by the tiredness of old age. Though it was only at the insistence of Max that the old man didn’t follow them along to confront the druid.

Following the tracks deeper into the forest, they came across a strange bird watching them from high up in a tree. Jabberwocky decided “better safe than sorry”, and proceeded to chug a snowball at the bird, though the snowball had been hardened into almost solid ice by his caring hands. (Probably breaking any code of conduct involving snowball fights) The ice-ball struck the bird straight in the face, sending it falling from the tree. Mid-air, the bird shape-shifted into a female Kaldorei and landed face first into the snow -lad ground.

Civia was her name, and she had been sent to look for the druid they were tracking as he as well was a part of the Cenarion circle. The druid they were chasing was named Fesyarn, a former Highborne mage. Upon the Legion’s return he had been placed in Western Plaguelands to tend to the restoration there to keep him from getting dragged into any troubles. Instead he went and naturally caused his own.

Joined by Civia, the group entered the cave which Fesyarn had taken as his ‘home’ along with a Yeti he had befriended- someone had even placed a nice welcome rug at the start of the cave. The group confronted Fesyarn, where the Elf in desperation called on his Yeti friend. The fighting was tough, as both Robes and Max received their fare share of bruises from the Yeti but together they managed to subdue the beast and eventually kill it, Max even going so far as to claim its head for a trophy. Meanwhile, Jabberwocky and Shandrey would take down Fesyarn – Shandrey had attempted to defuse the situation but to no avail as the Elf and Yeti both stubbornly tried to fight off the adventures.

Once the Yeti laid dead and Fesyarn was restrained, the group learned of his plan. Through cultivating a strange tree within the cave, with roots that roots dug through stone with ease he sought to ‘improve’ the creatures of this world. The fruit it bore would make all creatures smarter and better. The group decided the best course of action was to burn the tree before it could cause any trouble. Fesyarn was handed over to Civia for safekeeping within the Cenarion circle.

If this was a wise choice is still unknown.

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