Event: The Trouble With Badgers

It is safe to say that this week, The Lamplighters faced up against their deadliest foe known to date.



Just looking at that thing gives me shivers.

The Lamps were summoned to the Western Plaguelands, where an old man’s farm was being harassed by several of the little devils. In the initial meeting at the farm, his helper Thomas, mentioned that an Elf had been in a conflict with them for skinning a badger a short while before all this started. An interesting clue indeed.

So The Lamplighters set to work. But as it turned out, these were not just black and white furred fiends our Agents were dealing with.  No, these badgers were enhanced by some form of magic and were using…guerrilla tactics. And guns. Lots of guns.

However, the team were able to defeat the badger menace and destroy the nest in which they were hiding. They were also able to uncover a source of Druidic energy, very likely coming from the disgruntled Elf mentioned previously.

With the badger menace put to an end, the group made it back to the farm and gave them the good news. Will this be the last time that short-legged omnivores ravage the land?

I wouldn’t count on it. Just look at the bloody things! There’s murder in their eyes!


Quote of the Event: Two quotes were both equally excellent this past event. The first comes from the adventure’s beginning as The Lamplighters collective weight threatens to destroy poor Thomas’s cart…


And the second comes from a magnificent 100 roll from our accomplished wizard Aldrych destroying a badger in style:


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