Event: The Demon Pirates!

Trouble on the high seas of Tanaris matey! Pirates working out of the bay have recently pilfered a hoard of demonic artefacts and are using them to conjure up a whole host of demons to join their crew.

Heck, pirates may be bloodthirsty and treasure obsessed but nobody claimed they were the smartest cookies in the tin.

Sailing aboard The Midnight, Gladnar’s speedy goblin frigate, The Lamplighters made landfall and began to dispatch the pirates on land while the Dwarf himself led the bulk of their forces on a merry chase out to sea.

After an unfortunate incident involving a black hole in the beach (more on that fiasco below), the Agents came across the pirate captain directing his crew in the summoning of a particularly vocal Eredar Lord. However, working together to disrupt the ritual itself and a particularly nasty attack on the partially summoned demon lord himself by Circle Member Robes, the pirates’ efforts were vanquished and their ship was wrecked on the rocks close by.

Although the pirate captain managed to get away, I’m sure he’llĀ NEVER trouble us ever again. Nope. Never. Not at all…heh heh heh…


Quote of the Event:

Remember that black hole I spoke about? Seeker Vince attempted to desummon the Imps by using their summoning magic against them in the beach, opening up a tiny black hole to suck them back into the Nether. Unfortunately, our Agents were also affected and Circle Member Maximillian was pulled down into the hole, clogging it.

Here is an awful drawing I did to try and capture the moment:


And here is the reaction of the group to the above situation:


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