Event: Kharanos Zoo

A great zoo needs a great collections of animals, and two battle pet trainers are looking up upgrade their game and open a zoo in Alliance territories so children can see wondrous and interesting creatures from around the world in a safe environment.

But since trappers are too expensive, what these wannabe zookeepers need is someone less pricey. Perhaps… A group of wandering adventurers might do the trick!

With the promise of gold and free tickets for life to their zoo once it opens, The Lamplighters set off. Their task: to find this group of animals to start off the animal collection, beginning with the beasts local to Dun Morogh. These are:

  • Two boars
  • One bear
  • A snow leopard
  • A wolf (preferably an Alpha male)
  • And their prized piece: a Wendigo.

With their smarts, their arms and a collection of magic leashes, off they went into the snow! After tracking and accidentally killing the first wolf they attempted to capture, the group hunkered down and worked together to capture and tame a hulking Alpha Wolf and drove off the pack he led. Part one complete.

Cobb decided to head off alone to find the two boars and especially the bear (being a bear herself a lot of the time, this made a modicum of sense) while the others set off after the snow leopard. They encountered the leopard’s den along with the adult huntresses kittens inside.

They lured the adult out but she was unfortunately injured. Luckily they were able to get her back to Kharanos along with her kittens (though Miey decided to keep just one of them for herself) when The Lamps received a worried message from Cobb.

Unfortunately the young Druid seemed to have got herself in over her head again and had tried to restrain a sleeping Wendigo…which had promptly woken up and was about to rampage through Kharanos. Racing to the rescue, the Agents were able to defeat this vicious monster and what’s more, they were also successful in leeshing it, completing the list at last.

Grady Bannson awaited the group in Kharanos. While Circle Member Maximillian bought in a celebratory round for The Lamplighters at the tavern, Cobb handed over the animals and received 800 gold and free tickets for life for all Agents that attended…as well as the potential to work together again in the future.

Not a bad day’s work at all!

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