Event: Cobb of the Barrens


Adamere Mary Elizabeth Hellaby Cobb of Keel Harbour (She prefers Cobb), with the go-ahead from Control, planned an improvised trek through the Southern Barrens, and The Lamplighters were along for the ride! A warm evening of walking, seeing strange and exotic animals and taking loads and loads of photos!

HOWEVER, there’s trouble and shenanigans afoot! Bewitched and enhanced raptors have been riled up and are attacking Alliance settlements! Sounds like a task for our heroes!

After defeating packs of the scaly intelligent creatures, driving off another set and saving a survivor of an attack, they discovered this was the work of Janjal, a Troll Druid who was testing using the Barren’s creatures to go into a blood rage with enhancing magics from the Emerald Dream to drive the Alliance out of the Barrens without losing a single Horde warrior.

After a brief fight and using their quick negotiating skills, the Agents were able to convince Janjal that this was not an honorable way to treat the animals who had no choice or stake in their politics, and he relented. He planned to go home, but warned that his superiors may not be so honorable, and may try this again in the future.

At the end of the trip, Cobb took what she considered to be her best picture yet.

A group shot of her friends.


Quote of the Event:


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