Event: Gadget and Relic Testing

Technology and relics are part of a Seeker’s repertoire, and it is something which can often change the course of a mission or adventure when used right…or wrong, in some memorable cases. However, the Armory had been depleted in their recent battles against the nefarious warlock known as The Curator (more on him in a later post) and the Burning Legion. As such, only a few pieces remain from the collection and what was left in the Armory needed testing…mainly to find out what the heck they all actually do!

The Agents met at River’s Heart in Sholazar Basin where Circle Member Gladnar had brought out all the artifacts they owned, and they tested them out in an all-out battle. Control had the foresight to ensure a Passivity Field was in place around River’s Heart so the Agents were in no fear of hacking each other to death with potentially dangerous weaponry. Below is a summary of their loadout.

Seeker Tharis: A mechanical scythe which automatically “reaped” very fast in a circle when activated.

Emissary James: A horn which bore the name “Hjalmar’s Folly”. When it is blown in the presence of an enemy, a ghostly Vrykul descends from the heavens to hit the target with a two-handed axe. Painful.

Agent Miey: A silver ring, known afterwards as The Ring of Ice. A punch or slap while wearing this ring will freeze the target inside a solid block of ice.

Seeker Vince: A…a frying pan? But not just any old frying pan. This one had a pommel. grip and crossguard instead of a handle. Curious.

Circle Member Maximilian: A pair of boots, covered in scorch marks and with metal plates welded to the soles.

Circle Member Gladnar: An incredibly sheer and skimpy set of “armour”. Though how this would protect anyone against anything is another matter entirely. Needless to say, it did not look good being worn by an elderly Dwarf covered neck to toe in tattoos.


After the relics were assigned, it was time for a battle! Max took Miey and Tharis onto his team while Gladnar took James and Vince. The fighting was fierce on both sides but in the end, it was Max’s team with zero losses on his side that won the victory.

Their prize? Each of the winners received a ticket for a free four course meal, including wine and quiet music, inside the fabulous Purple Parlour of the Violet Citadel.

Who says we don’t have style sometimes?

Quote of the Event:


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