Event: The Trouble With Druids

Once more, word has reached the Lamplighters from Old man Marcus in the Western Plaguelands. The druid  suspected of tampering with the local badger population has resurfaced… And Marcus shot him, though he was quick to mention it was only through the arm. The druid took off and Marcus took up the chase. Our adventures…

Event: The Trouble With Badgers

A great evil is attacking an old man’s farm! But the danger is not quite what The Lamplighters were expecting to face…

Event: Kharanos Zoo

A day of animals and antics in the snow! Two wannabe zookeepers hire The Lamplighters to find some exotic local animals. And a Yeti.

TRP’s on my Travels

They say TRPs can tell you a lot about a roleplayer before interacting with them.
They weren’t wrong.